When will my credit card be charged?
As soon as you place your order.

When will my gift be delivered?
Before the Center opens.

Can I see my gift?
Yes, you can visit the Center when it opens and see your gift.

Do I get confirmation of my order?

Is the Center open to everyone?
Yes, the Center is open to everyone. The best way to find out if there are services, programs and volunteer opportunities in which you can participate, is to call the Center at 773.472.6469, or visit the Center's web site at

If my friends and I go in on a gift who gets listed in your donor list?
Everyone's name registered will appear on the donor list.

Can I get tickets to the Gala?
Of course. Tickets are $75 each.

If I change my mind and want to change my donation, is it too late after I push the button?
You will have three days to get a credit towards another gift purchase. After that, the order will have been processed.

Do I have to pay for shipping?
Shipping costs are pre-calculated into the list price.

Do I pay any taxes?
You will not pay taxes because you are donating to a charity - a 501c3.

Is my gift tax deductible? If so, how much?
Your gift is 100% tax deductible at the donated purchase price because you are donating the item. You will receive a donation letter from the Center On Halsted for your taxes. At the event, we may have a limited auction of items for you to buy and keep. For a live/silent auction deductible amounts vary and Uncle Sam likes to know a few things. You can only deduct the amount you paid greater than the actual stated value. To make it easy, here's an example:You buy something for $100 valued at $200, therefore no tax deduction. Or, you buy something valued at $100 for $200, your tax deductible amount is $100.

Will you let me know when the Center opens?
Visit our web site and the Center's web site for the actual date.

Do you share mailing lists or will I just be on the Center's mailing list?
Your information will not be shared.

If I do not see something I want to purchase can I choose to make a cash donation?

If I make a cash donation, will you let me know what my money bought?
There will be some items listed that were purchased with cash donations. Your name will appear in this category.